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Structural Integration - a type of bodywork that focuses on the connective tissue, or fascia, of the body.

It is a fascial web, without a known beginning or end, which surrounds all tissue such as muscles, groups of muscles, under our skin, organs, veins and arteries, and nerves. The fascia connects some structures together while permitting others to smoothly slide over each other.

Fascia is designed to be somewhat elastic and move freely with muscles and bones. However with injury or trauma (from an accident such as a fall or strong impact), stress, work-related repetitive movements, bad postural habits such as slouching over a long period of time, along with the process of aging and the effects of gravity pulling us down, adhesions to the fascia can occur. Fascial adhesions are an outcome from the wear and tear on our bodies and minds throughout the course of life. The fascia loses its pliability creating a situation for it to become shorter, tighter, and thicker. Tightened fascia pulls our muscles and skeleton out of proper alignment and posture. This means that we get pulled off our center of gravity, which can cause pain, discomfort, and fatigue.

Structural Integration opens the adhesions that have been glued together. It works to lengthen, stretch, and soften the fascial tissue to restore postural balance, to ease one’s movement, and to return to a feeling of being more vital and at home in one’s body. It is practiced in an organized series of sessions or individual sessions within a framework that is designed to restore postural balance by aligning and integrating the body within gravity.

Structural Integration is based on the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf.

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork - A therapeutic body-based practice that manipulates soft tissue and bone.

Massage is a hands-on therapy using different techniques that manipulate the body’s soft tissues. Touch can help to relieve pain and stiffness in muscles, which enhances joint mobility and circulation of blood and lymph, and supports the digestive and nervous systems. Oxygen increases in all living cells while cellular detoxification occurs.

With the correct application of pressure, pushing and pulling of the muscles, tendons, and joints, the receiver has the opportunity to experience relief from blocked tension that accumulates from the daily wear and tear of life.

Some of the techniques used at Living Body Therapies include Deep Tissue Massage, Medical Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Massage, Range of Motion Techniques, and Swedish Massage.

Bodywork is a general term to describe a wide variety of methods used to help enhance the body and the mind. Using touch and movement to connect the individual to feelings and sensations within the body will help to improve health. Bodywork methods help to relieve pain and encourage relaxation, so that one grows stronger in body/mind.

Some of the techniques incorporated into Living Body Therapies practice are Asian bodywork, Massage (the techniques mentioned), and Movement Therapy Methods.

Together, massage and bodywork techniques offer a rich practice in the body/mind methods, so individuals may return to health. Where focus is needed, attention is given. Hands-on healing has been documented throughout history. Cultures from around the world have used such techniques to regain or to maintain their health. Passing on the experience of the ancients, we practice the methods that have shown to be tried and true in helping to balance body, mind and spirit. Living Bodies Therapies stands with that integrity.

Subtle Energy Work Practices - Helps balance the flow of our body's life force energy. Also known as Qi (Chi).

Subtle Energy Practices work with vital energy, essential to all living beings. Energy channels, called meridians, run throughout our bodies. They can become blocked or stagnant from the daily stresses of life. Energy techniques from the east and the west can balance this depletion, thus allowing the Qi (Chi, or energy) to return to its natural life flow. Some such practices may include Qigong, Shiatsu, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and others.

"Anthy has a true understanding of the human body and the connection of body/mind/spirit, so provides real healing. She is a true friend and colleague and I'm delighted to recommend her to anyone who has any aches, pains or just needs some true therapeutic body work!"  - Judy, Siler City, NC

Somatic Movement Therapy and Education - A body/mind awareness approach that promotes better alignment, posture and freedom of movement.

Somatic Movement Therapy and Education is an experiential technique that helps to promote physical correction for proper alignment, while discovering the awareness of how the body and the mind connect; it is also known as body/mind awareness. Somatic education and therapy help us to explore our posture through our breathing, specially designed movement exercises, and working with gravity. Our newly acquired awareness assists us in making the necessary changes that will improve our physical and mental bodies. Once we have been made aware of old postural habits, we can let go of them and replace them with new patterns to move through space more effortlessly. Some techniques used are Kinetic Awareness, Ideokinesis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and Breath Work.


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Anthy N. Katsiotis, MA, LMBT

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